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Short/Long Term Radon Air & Water Test Kit (rn-DLX) Lab Fee Included

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Radon Gas Complete Test Kit with the Lab Processing Fees Included. Measure both long and short term periods of radon gas levels in the air, as well as the radon gas level in the water. Results are easy to understand and you will know if your family is being compromised by radon.

Our Complete Radon Test Kit includes
  • 1 radon in water test kit with pre-addressed mailer
  • 2 liquid scintillation short-term radon in air test kits (48-96 hour test period) with pre-addressed mailer
  • 1 long-term radon in air test kit (3-12 month test period) with pre-addressed mailer
  • Each kit has its own easy to follow instructions with detachable datasheet to return to lab for processing
Radon Testing is highly recommended by the EPA. Easy to use! Lab results are available online within 24 to36 hours of receiving them back in our lab (long term takes 10 to 14 days) - click here for results. RADON PROCESSING LABS ARE EPA CERTIFIED.


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Product 6 of 20
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