Product Description
Moisture measurements are obtained by following a simple test procedure:
  • Prepare and weigh the material sample using the electronic balance.
  • Place the sample in the Speedy vessel.
  • Add the reagent to the recess in the Speedy cap and seal the vessel.
  • Shake the Speedy to mix the reagent with the sample.
  • Read the moisture content directly from the integral gauge.

Building Restoration and Refurbishment

Building surveyors involved with diagnosing the cause of dampness in buildings use the Speedy tester to determine the moisture level in walls and floors. The Speedy complements moisture meters and hygrometers that are also used for diagnosis.

Solid Floors

If moisture related floor failures are to be avoided, concrete slabs, cementitious screeds and anhydrite screeds have to be in a dry condition before decorative floors finishes including wood, vinyl and carpet are laid. The Speedy tester is used to measure the moisture content of a sample of material removed from the floor before the decorative finish is laid.



Technical Information
  • Standard Speedy vessel fitted with calibrated pressure gauge, electronic balance, heavy duty carry case with fitted foam inserts, cleaning brush and cloth, measuring scoop and instructions.
  • Nominal gross weight: 12.1lb (5.5Kg)
  • Nominal gross dimensions: 20 x 15 x 8" (510 x 380 x 200mm)
  • For 0 - 5% range: 10g - For 0 - 10% range: 12g - For 0 - 20% range: 6g
  • Maximum sample size: 0.4" (10mm)
  • Moisture measurement range expressed as a percentage of the wet weight of the sample: Model F-S2000C: 0 - 10%, Model F-S2000D:0 -20%