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Test Smoke Low Velocity Micro Fine Powder Puff (FP221) REFILL

Model #: FP221

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Micronized Powder Puff Silica Test Smoke Low Velocity (FP221)

REFILL bottle for the Low Air Velocity Micro Powder-Puffer contains very fine micronized Silica & pulverized Calcium Carbonate powder with Heavy Duty Hand Pump. When the pump bulb is squeezed this powder is released in the air forming a plume of realistic floating powder smoke. The Micro Powder-Puffer is used for checking draft in fume hoods, visual air balancing, testing of air purifying equipment etc. Eco-Friendly and non-toxic smoke and dispensing system that provides a realistic, lighter than air smoke.

Unlike our smoke emitters, FP-Smoke requires no ignition source or flame to initiate the smoke. FP-Smoke provides a smoke that looks and reacts just as our successful smoke emitters, in a reliable and simple dispensing system. A small squeeze provides enough smoke for draft detection or negative pressure around a door, multiple pumps can provide up to 140 cubic feet, or more of realistic smoke.

Content:very fine micronized Silica & pulverized Calcium Carbonate powder.
Smoke Color: white.
Weight: 20 grams.
Size: 135 x 34 mm diameter.
Smoke type: Medium strong velocity.

Download MSDS for FP Smoke(PDF format)

FP Powder Puff Trace Smoke

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