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Trace Clean Smoke Cartridge 150 CuFt (S102-CL) 40 Seconds 10 Pack

Model #: S102-CL

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S102-CL: 45 Second Burn Time, 150 Cubic Feet, 10 per pack


The name CLEAN SMOKE is a bit of a contradiction but we have actually created a practical test smoke so clean from chlorides it is suitable to perform air flow tests in server rooms and other sensitive areas.

This product is ideal for the air balancing industry, energy conservation and weatherization, for HVAC professionals, testing of smoke and fire prevention systems, special effects or anywhere you need just the right amount of smoke in just the right place without the effects of chlorides.

The smoke particulate is of a dry and solid character and will not leave behind any oils or surfaces. The smoke is white to light grey in color and is reflective and easily photographed and observed.

Clean Smoke with very low chloride content for tests in sensitive areas

Contents: 10 cartridges per box
Smoke Color: white
Weight approx: 3 grams per smoke cartridge
Size approx: 32 x 14 mm
Smoke Volume approx: 150 cubic feet
Burning time approx: 40 seconds

SDS Safety Data Sheet or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Click to Download Safety Data Sheet - SDS

Warning: Poisonous to swallow. To be kept away from children & animals. Do not use smoke emitters near flammable materials, gas etc.

Uses include: Energy Conserving Specialists, Duct Testing, Draft Testing, Leak detection, Safety Specialists, Negative Pressure Rooms, Positive Pressure Rooms, Fume Hoods, Exhaust Fans, Stage and Screen Effects, Photographic Effects, Air Balancing Professionals, Air Filtration Testing, Dust Removal Systems, Fire and Smoke Alarm Test, Poultry and Livestock, K-9 Training, Kitchen Hoods, Electronic Air Filters, Asbestos Abatement, Radon Abatement, Risk Management Specialist and Waste Treatment Systems. Leak Detection in Tanks, Piping, Cargo Trailers, Cargo Containers and Recreational Vehicles

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