The CLM100 Cable Length Meter can measure both installed or spooled cable / wire. Affordable and easy to use, simply attach the Kelvin Clips to both ends of the cable. A temperature compensation circuit ensures accuracy by compensating for the temperature of the wire.



Wire Size 26-4/0 AWG 250-500 MCM
Measuring Length 15 - 30,000 (5-9144M)
Operating Temperature Range 32˚-140˚F (0˚-40˚C)
Length Accuracy At   65˚ - 75˚F     (18.3- 23.9˚C):   (2% reading +3 digits)*
At -65˚ or +75˚F  (18.3 - 23.9˚C): (3% reading +3 digits)*
    * Nominally, dependent on wire gauge and length.
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Resistance Range 0-65Ω with 1m Ω resolution

The CLM100 comes complete with:

  • 2 (easy-to-attach) Kelvin Clips leads
  • copper calibration bars for automatic calibration
  • an abrasive pad to remove oxidation
  • rugged carrying case
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • Measures copper and aluminum cable, covers the major wire types
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Milliohm measurement capability
  • Identifies high-resistance connections
  • 5 year limited warranty