NEW!! Improved Accuracy! This Cable Length Meter is an excellent tool to measure spooled or wound cable/wire. Built solid and supplied with a Ruggedized boot for reliable performance in the field. Currently being utilized by major utility companies, electrical contractors, wholesalers, installers any many others to get quick inventory calculations or measurements to account for the amount of wire/cable installed in a given period, job or day. It is very accurate and easy to use. Simply attach the Kelvin Clips to both ends of the cable. Adjust the indicator to the size wire you are measuring and that's it. A temperature compensation circuit ensures accuracy by compensating for the temperature of the wire.

Wire Size: 26 to 4/0 AWG | 250 to 500 MCM
Measuring Length: 15 to 30,000 (5-9144M)
Operating Temp Range: 32˚to 104˚F (0˚ to 40˚C)
Operating humidity: 20 to 80% RH
Length Accuracy: (Nominally, dependent on wire gauge and length; see manual for chart)

< 300' at 65˚ to 75˚F: (1% of reading + 3')

< 300' at below 65˚ and above 75˚F: (2% of reading + 3')
> 300' at 65˚ to 75˚F: (1% of reading)
> 300' at below 65˚ and above 75˚F: (2% of reading)


Temp Compensation: Automatic
Resistance Range:

0 to 10Ω: (0.5% of reading + 3 LSD*)

10 to 99.99Ω: (0.5% of reading + 10 LSD*)

*LSD = Least Significant Digit

Resolution: 0.5' (0.1m Length) | 1mΩ resistance
Power: 9 volt battery
Battery life: Typically 60 hours (180 hours in Sleep Mode). Extended measurements can lower battery life to no less than 12 hours.



Download Owner's manual (PDF 550kb)