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Fireworks Analysis Software

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Shows data in 25mm high characters, ideal for training or for monitoring in "real time".

  • The Reporter Software will display and create reports for each boiler test providing an essential hard copy of your client.
  • Its large simulated LED display option shows clearly your combustion tests for analysis.
  • This fully flexible package lets you easily change displayed parameters and units using pre-set groups.
  • Simple to use Windows technology using push button and keyboard controls.
  • Take data from your Quintox in real time, from the handset or from a PC file.
  • See real-time or stored data in graphs or tables in Windows format.
  • Print boiler performance, safety and emissions reports.
  • View data in table format.
  • Export to a Spreadsheet.
  • Display data in large LED format - Ideal for training.
  • Easy to use buttons and screens in Windows.
  • Runs on 386 PC compatible or higher.
  • Simple to use Windows technology using push button and keyboard controls.

Kane-Mays new Fireworks software is the easiest way to see data from your Quintox on a PC. You can transfer data from the handset, see data in "real time" or see previously stored data.

Fireworks uses Windows software giving full flexibility to view, manage and report on boiler performance and emissions data. Producing graphs or reports takes the press of a button.

Graph - Snapshot - Groups
Graph data in real-time,  from logged data in
the handset or from a previously stored file.

Fireworks lets you make professional reports for your customers or your records. In addition standard reports can be customized, for example:

  • Boiler emissions
  • Compute automatically outputs per year of CO, CO2, Nox and SO2.
  • Boiler safety
  • Show the CO/CO2 ratio or Poison Index and efficiency of domestic boilers
  • Boiler performance
  • Create "Before & After" reports to show boiler performance & efficiency after servicing.
  • Boiler spot check

Ideal for a simple record of all boiler parameters

Connect the Quintox RS232 port to your PCs serial port to view data in "real time", updated every second - Perfect if you use a laptop PC to view boiler performance data.

fireworkscreen3.jpg (25283 bytes)

Either run a report showing pollution emissions converted to daily, monthly and yearly figures or run before and after tuning reports to show efficiency improvements.

Once data is loaded it can be viewed on screen or used to generate reports.  Once the data is analyzed reports can be generated to give your client a spot check or boiler tuning, i.e. before or after results.

Copies of the report can be generated on site or more commonly back in the office to be sent with other information such as work reports and invoices.

Data and reports can be stored as reporter files for future use or saved to other formats for use in word processors or spreadsheets, or transfer data stored in the Quintox handset via the PC serial port.