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Order Code KM9106CO.
Case and Carry Strap, Hand Held Remote Unit, Oxygen Sensor, CO sensor (H2 compensated), Battery Charger, Water   Trap, SO2 Filter, 5m/15ft Extension Lead and 2 Paper Rolls.


Ambient operating range Temperature +0C to +40C / 32- 104F
Humidity 20% to 80% RH non condensing
Maximum Gas Continuous + 40C / 104F
Temperature at sensors Intermittent + 55C / 130F
CO2 range/accuracy 0 to 20% +-0.3% (calculated)
Battery Power 12V 2.6 Ahr, (8 hours full charge with pump on)
Main adaptor/charger Input 110 Vac or 230 Vac nom
Output 16Vac at 1 Amp
Flue gas probe Stainless steel shaft with rubber handle;
5m/15ft neoprene hose and thermocouple plug
Temp. accuracy +- 0.3% +-1C/F
Probe dimensions (Shaft) 300mm x 8mm / 12" x 5/16"
 Maximum prob temperature +600C/1112F
Pre-programmed UK fuels Natural Gas, Natural Gas 2, Gascor, Town Gas, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Propane, Butane, Anthracite, Coke, Coal

Programmable to work with other fuels Worldwide.

  Main Unit Hand Set
Length 450mm / 18" 220mm/8.5"
Width 230mm / 9" 55mm/2"
Height 300" / 12" 120mm / 5
Complete Case Weight 9.5kg / 21lbs  
  Sensor Supplied as Standard:-
Sensor Gas Range Resolution Accuracy
OS11+ O2 0 - 25% 0.1% -0.1% +0.2%
KMCO1 CO* 0 - 10,000ppm 1ppm +-20ppm <400 ppm
+-5% <2000 ppm
+-10% <2000 ppm
+With 2 Year Guarantee
*H2 compensated, plus filter to reduce sensitivity to NO, NO2 and SO2

Quintox Sensor Options and Specifications:-

Order Code Gas Range Resolution Accuracy
KM6C01/9106 CO 0.10% 0.01% +-500ppm<1% C0
KMHC1/9106 HC 0-5%Methane 0.01% +-5%
KMPS2/9106 Pressure 0-150mbar 0.01mbar +-0.5% full scale
All gas specifications quoted using dry calibration gases at S.T.P.

Quintox Accessories:

KMCP6 300mm/12" standard flue probe - 0C - 600C/32-1112F
KMCHP6 300mm/12" high temperature probe - range 0C - 1100C/32-2140F
KMCHLP6 1m/3ft High temperature probe - range 0C - 1100C/32-2140F
KMCSP6 300mm/12" smoke probe - 0C - 600C/32 - 1112F
KMCHSP6 High temperature smoke probe - 0C - 1100C/32-1112F
KMCLP6 1m/3ft flue gas probe - range 0Cto +600C/32-1112F
KA16 250mm/10" ambient air probe - range 0C to +600C/32 - 1112F
KMCHLSP6 1m/3ft High temperature smoke probe - range 0C - 1100C/32-2140F
KMCDPP6 Quintox gas/pressure probe - range 0C - 600C/32-1112F
WTS9106P Watertrap, automatic draining
KM9106PUR Main purge installation
KM9106HPUR High CO purge installation

Replacements for all consumable parts are available.



Order Code KM9008.

Ambient operating range +5, to +40C/41 to 104F
Maximum Gas flow rate 2.5l/min
Chiller nominal temperature Gas inlet = 65C/150F
Nominal Gas Outlet + 5C/41F
Condensate bottle capacity 1000ml
Power Supply 230 Vac, 50Hz or 115 Vac, 60Hz
Dimensions Width 450mm/18" x Length 230mm/9" x Height 330mm/13"
Weight 10.7Kg/23.5 lbs


  Readiness - Within 5 min (depending on ambient temperature

Dimensions 2.2m x 35mm / 86" x 1.5"
Max temperature 200C / 392F
Weight 1.1Kg / 2.4 lbs
Power requirement <300 watts
Probe dimensions 400mm x 8mm / 16" x 5/16"
Probe max temperature 600C / 1112F