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Urban SMART 111 Fiberglass Extension Pole (19.6") For Smart Kit

Model #: SMART-111

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SMART 111 Fiberglass Extension Pole (19.6") For Smart Kit

The SMART 111 Extension Pole is to be used to extend the height of the Solo 110 telescopic access pole. Access poles save time, cost and disruption and reduce the risk and disruption posed by other access equipment such as towers and ladders.

  • 19.7" (0.5 meter) pole for extending reach of SMART 110.
  • Product Code: 111-001.
  • Pull-wound glass fiber construction.
  • Designed certified non-conductive.
  • Optimum strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Simple locking mechanism.
  • Lifetime limited manufacturers warranty.

NOTE: The SMART 110 & 111 do not work with the SOLO poles and will only connect with the Smart Kit.

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