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USI Smoke Alarm 9v Battery Operated (SS-775-LRC) Ionization Sensor

Model #: SS-775LRC

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No Longer Available
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Smoke & Fire Alarm (9 Volt DC Battery Operated)
  • LED and Silencer Button, Ionization Sensor, Large Mounting Ring
  • Silencer Feature - convenient silencer button with automatic reset allows you to temporarily override alarm - ideal for cooking smoke and fireplaces - eliminates nuisance alarms by desensitizing unit for 5 - 8 minutes.
  • Includes 9 Volt Battery
  • Loud 85 Decibel Horn
  • 30 Day Low Battery Audible Indicator
  • Test Button
  • Ideal for Replacement of Most Existing Smoke Alarms
  • Large Mounting Base (5-5/8 inches or 143mm) to cover up drywall cutouts or paint marks from other brands
  • Five Year limited manufacturers (USA only) warranty

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THERE ARE TWO BASIC SMOKE ALARM TYPES - IONIZATION AND PHOTOELECTRIC. Ionization smoke alarms are your best overall choice for reliability and fast response time, since they quickly sense small "invisible" smoke particles and will also sense larger "visible" smoke particles. Photoelectric smoke alarms may respond more quickly in certain types of fires, for example - slow smoldering fires with large "visible" smoke particles. ALL TYPES OF SMOKE ALARMS HAVE LIMITATIONS. NO TYPE OF SMOKE ALARM CAN SENSE EVERY KIND OF FIRE OR SMOKE EVERY TIME.

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Product 7 of 7
Category: Smoke Detectors

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