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UVA Ultra-Violet Light Meter (UVA-365SD) DataLogging

Model #: UVA-365SD

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Lutron UVA Ultra-Violet Light Meter (UVA-365SD) DataLogging

  • Long wave 365 nm ultra-violet irradiance measurement.
  • Professional UVA light meter, used to measure the UVA irradiation value of the UVA light source.
  • Measurement ranges:
    • 2 mW/cm2
    • 20 mW/cm2.
  • UVA Light sensor with cosine correction filter.
  • UVA function build Zero button.
  • Microprocessor circuit provides high reliability and durability.
  • Separate UVA light probe allows user to measure the UV light at an optimum position.
  • Type K, Type J thermocouple thermometer.
  • Real time SD memory card Datalogger, Built-in
  • Air temperature measures in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Type K and Type J thermocouple thermometer ports
  • Real time SD memory card Datalogger with Built-in time and date stamp, sampling time can be set from 1 second to 3600 seconds
  • Datalogging is available in either automatic or manual mode.
  • Special software not required, after recording with the datalogger, just insert the SD card into your computer card reader, then upload all of the measured values with the time & date information (year/month/date/hour/minute/second) into your favorite spreadsheet software (CVS).
  • Recall minimum and maximum reading.
  • Fold out easel back allowing meter to sit upright on a flat surface.
  • Brass threaded tripod mount.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • RS-232 PC computer interface.
  • Auto power off (can be disabled).


  • Measurement ranges:
    • Range 1: 2 mW/cm2
      1.999 mW/cm2 with 0.001 resolution.
    • Range 2: 20 mW/cm2
      19.99 mW/cm2 with 0.01 resolution.
  • Accuracy: within 4% Full Scale + 2 digits.
  • Ultra-Violet L-Sensor with cosine correction filter and has a heavy duty sensor structure with metallic housing case.
  • Sampling time: approximately 1 second
  • Operating Temperature (ambient): 32° F to 122° F
    NOTE most batteries are not rated for below -4° F or above 125°F
  • Operating Humidity: less than 85% RH, non-condensing
  • Power supply: (6) AA alkaline batteries or optional 9 volt DC Adapter AP-9V110
  • Power current:
    • without SD card saving data and back-light off: 6.5mA DC
    • With SD card saving data and back-light off: 30mA DC
      Note: add 16mA DC when back-light is on
  • Weight:
    • Meter: 12.5 ounces (351 grams)
    • UVA probe: 3.7 ounces (103 grams)
  • Dimensions:
    • Meter: 7" x 2.8" x 1.9" (177 x 67 x 45mm)
    • UVA probe:
      • Head: (45 x 32mm diameter)
      • Handle: (125 x 24mm diameter)
  • Optional SD card capacity: 1 GB to 16 GB.

Applications include: Monitoring blue light radiation hazards in welding, UV sterilization, Graphic arts, Photochemical matching, UV EPROM erasure, Photoresist exposure, Curing of inks, adhesives and coatings.

Lutron Certificate of Calibration

Lutron Calibration Certificate

These meters arrive brand new from Lutron with their factory calibration certificate enclosed. Until our chain of custody is broken we are certain and guaranty that every meter meets this standard. InspectUSA would need to ship the new meter directly to your NIST lab, with the guaranty it would meet NIST standards. We must ship the instrument direct to an approved NIST lab for this guaranty. Once the chain of custody is broken for whatever reason, this guaranty is no longer valid.

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