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Versa-Test Heat Detector Test Kit (VT-694) with Heat Pads & Solution

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Versa Test Heat Detector Test Kit

The HEAT DETECTOR TESTER™ functionally tests ALL mechanical and electronic self-restoring, fixed temperature and rate-of-rise, or rate-compensated heat detectors in the 135 to 190 degree Fahrenheit range. Finally, dispense with Ladders, Heat Lamps, Hair Dryers, Extension Cords etc. Use the optional Versa Poles to reach as high as 30 feet.

The Head Pad, when wetted with the provided Saline Solution (Non Hazardous Material) from the Syringe, will generate the heat needed to activate the heat detector. The Heat Pad will typically last about 5-15 minutes* (at times as much as 20-25 minutes) by simply repeating these water applications.

* Times are approximate since ambient temperature and conditions will effect the Heat Pads length of time to maintain temperatures.

Heat Detector Testing Kit Contains:

  • (1) HA94 Heat Pad Container.
  • (1) HC94 Tray.
  • (1) HO94 Syringe.
  • (2) SS94 Saline Solution.
  • (4) HP94 Heat Pads (Saline Solution Activated).
  • (1) Versa Test Pole Adapter.

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Use any Versa Test poles with this kit.

  • 4 foot fiberglass extension pole VP-4X
  • Kit with 8' extension pole VT-694-8
  • Kit with 16' extension VT-694-16


  1. Heat Pads are manufactured 4 pads to a sheet. 2 pads are required to perform an adequate test. Carefully cut the sheet of heat pads in half, and place 2 pads (1/2 of sheet) on the V placing ends of pad underneath rubber bands (see illustration, 1a).
  2. Place V holding pads onto cup. Attach cup to adapter and slide adapter in to telescoping test pole.
  3. Using syringe provided, measure 2 tablespoons of saline solution and douse the 2 pads attached to V.
  4. Heat Pads will activate with in 30 seconds after Saline Solution is applied, as discussed below. Heat Pads may be reactivated up to 3 times.
  5. Do not remove Heat Pads from their plastic bag until ready for use.
  6. In all test, the heat detector should alarm within 10 to 15 seconds. If it does not, and after you have determined that the Heat Pad is still hot – the heat
    detector or the fire alarm system is not fully operation.
  7. Save any Saline solution for the next testing by simply folding the top of the plastic pack and putting tape over the top of the pack
  8. Spent heat pads and empty saline solution packs may be safely disposed of in any waste container.

heat detector test kit operating instructions part 1

heat detector test kit operating instructions part 2

SDS Safety Data Sheet or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Click to Download Safety Data Sheet - SDS

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