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A - Easy access to filters and and Oxygen Sensor
B - Integral printer for instant records
C - Quintox Measures Flue and inlet temperature simultaneously
D - Water Trap mounts on the outside for easy viewing.        

  • Operate and view combustion information with the remote handset.
  • Accurate Carbon Monoxide sensor with hydrogen compensation.
  • Measures flue and inlet temperatures simultaneously.
  • Infra-red Hydrocarbon and CO2 Sensor available.
  • Integral Printer.
  • Fully upgradeable.
  • Optional fireworks software.
  • Over 70 pre-programmed fuels.
  • Handset stores up to 1926 boiler tests.
  • Protective rugged case.

KM9106 Probe
Rugged combustion probe with detachable stainless steel shaft, incorporating integral thermocouple.  A comprehensive range of probes is available, allowing smoke, measurement, higher temperatures and longer shafts

The Quintox, KM9006 Combustion Gas Analyser has established itself as one of the most versatile instruments for flue gas measurement and emission monitoring.

To maintain the Quintox concept in its leading market position, Kane-May have enhanced many features to produce the NEW KM9106.

During its redevelopment Kane-May have considered the proposed and existing legislation of emission gas monitoring. Its flexibility allows for sensors to be retrofitted for future requirements and changes in legislation.

Our new Hydrocarbon and CO2 Sensor is state of the art, giving accurate and fast readings direct to you.  All results can then be printed out from the Analyser, or downloaded for professional analysis and reports from our optional Fireworks Software.

Not only can the Quintox be used to tune a boiler for maximum efficiency by trimming oxygen and monitoring CO, it can be upgraded to include a range of sensors suitable for emission monitoring.

Saving Energy has truly never been so easy.

Kane-May offer full service facility with expert advice only an email away.  Our fully trained staff are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your instrument.

KM9106 Quintox Gas Analyser   KM9106 Quintox Gas Analyser


From plumber to environmental consultant, the Quintox will allow you to monitor combustion plant.  We have numerous applications, examples of which are listed below:

  • Brick kiln monitoring in England.
  • Sulphur Dioxide monitoring in one of the largest glass manufacturers in Europe.
  • Daily check of the efficiency of steam boilers in a large automotive component manufacturer in the USA.
  • Power Stations in Russia and China and various other locations around the world.
  • Hospitals in Singapore and the Far East.


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