KMIRP2 Infrared Printer New design with protective rubber boot and built-in magnet for hands-free printing.

Can be used with the KM900(MH),C75, C125, C127 & KM9103(NO)

This printer has been tested to various national and international regulatory standards. This regulatory testing includes electrical / mechanical safety, radio interference's, ergonomics, acoustics, and hazardous materials. When required, approvals obtained from third party test agencies are shown on the bottom of the product.

The printer operates between 0C to 50C (32 to 122F) and has a storage temperature of -40C 60C (-40 to 140F). Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity at 40C (104F). A maximum transmitting distance of 45cm/18in with an angle of 60 and a vertical positioning 20 above, 10 below calculator. It has a power advance switch, self test and battery condition function and can detect incorrect or missing information.


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