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Radon Results Lookup

InspectUSA, Accustar Labs or any of its subsidiaries are not responsible for the consequences of any action taken or not taken based upon the results reported or any verbal or written interpretation of the results. Results provided by Accustar Labs.

Radon test results are provided as quickly as we can while not compromising accuracy.

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Short Term Liquid Scintillation Radon in air test vials & Radon in Water Test results are available the next business day after we receive them at the Lab, except for Holidays (approximately 4PM Eastern).

Devices received Friday will have results available Monday afternoon after 4PM Eastern. Inspect USA, Short Term Radon Gas in air Test Canisters will get same day results when received prior to 11AM Eastern at the Lab's physical address (2 Saber Way in Ward Hill, Mass 01835).

NOTE: If same day result is important to you, we recommend using either UPS or FedEx Next Day Air Service, or when using Second Day Air be sure to use morning delivery. Otherwise results will be available next business day. Long term Radon Gas in air test results take an average of 3 weeks for processing.

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