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The Inspect USA team has a diverse background in the construction and inspection fields. With over 30 years of experience performing commercial & residential construction, remodeling & expert witness testimony, we are well qualified to select, offer & support the equipment & tools used by professional tradesmen & technicians.In 1968, John J. Heyn realized the real estate industry did not provide the support home buyers needed to make educated decisions about the properties they wanted to purchase or lease. Without a buyers advocate, consumers were not getting accurate information on the condition of the properties they were considering, causing many people to buy houses requiring, unplanned for repairs, at a time they could not afford to spend more money. To satisfy this need, John founded the John J. Heyn Company, the first of its kind in the United States, and began performing independent home inspections throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Washington DC areas.

In 1992, The Heyn Company became InspectUSA® and began a period of expansion of territory and growth of services. InspectUSA® became a full service building inspection and environmental testing company that performed residential and commercial inspections throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia.

InspectUSA staff performed tens of thousands of home inspections & built or remodeled thousands of homes & businesses. In 1995, the InspectUSA® team identified another need, this time by combining the home inspection and trade industries with the emerging technologies of the Internet (World Wide Web). Company management decided to share its wealth of construction and technical knowledge with other professionals and established as an online store. The mission was to provide top quality meters, test kits, safety equipment, tools, supplies and business services used in the inspection industries, as well as mechanics, technicians, tradesmen and service personnel in many industries and governments around the world. Over the past few decades InspectUSA has aquired several online companies including National Safety Products, an ecommerce pioneer that started in the early 90's. Combined with our Intellectual Property and Manufacturing capacity InspectUSA has become an essential supplier for the safety and inspection industries.

With over 50 years of experience performing commercial and residential construction, remodeling, inspection services and expert witness testimony, the InspectUSA® team is well qualified to select, offer and support the equipment and tools used by professional tradesmen and technicians. Our growing family of clients include inspectors, trade professionals, appraisers, real estate agents, government agencies, military, public safety agencies, home owners and many more. Our catalog of products and services increases daily and includes:InspectUSA carries a variety of both professional and consumer environmental test kits. When dealing with the health and safety of your staff or family don't take anyone's word for it. Be sure so you can be safe
  • Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Smoke Testing and Leak Detection Supplies
  • Professional Meters & Measurement Equipment
  • Environmental Test Kits & Monitors
  • Fire & Public Safety Equipment
  • Scopes, Magnifiers & Hand Tools
  • Test Kits & Promotional Products
  • Radon Mitigation Fans & Accessories
InspectUSA® is dedicated to your success. Our products are fully evaluated and approved for appropriateness to the industries we serve. Our laboratories meet or exceed all EPA specifications. If you need a product but can't find it on the web site just Contact us and our sales staff will provide a quick response.
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