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UV Leak Detection Scope

ProVision™, the revolutionary new assortment of inspection tools that allows you to see into inaccessible places.

ProVision™ offers the same high performance and results as borescopes costing 10 times as much.

Based on innovative new fiber optic technology, the flexible cable of the ProVision™ fits into holes as small as 1/4 inch diameter - allowing you to look behind walls, down into drains, inside engines, or hundreds of places without costly demolition or disassembly!


UV Leak Detection Scope
Protective Boots
PV Elite "Eagle" Scope


Wright Tuning

John Wright
2-time IMSA Technician of the Year
Wright Tuning

"The ProVision scope we use on the race weekends helps us save a huge amount of time."

Greg Ray - Champion
1999 IRL
Indy Car Series®

"When you are going over 220 miles per hour, everything in your car has to work perfectly."

ProVision™ will pay for itself over and over again in reduced labor costs. The amount of time you will save troubleshooting and problem-solving will make you more productive and profitable than ever before.

PV Elite


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