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Battery Tester: Analog (VTTEST7) with Test Leads

Model #: VTTEST7

Condition: New

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  • Battery sizes:
    • button cells: 1.5V/1mA
    • AA and N: 1.5V/50mA
    • C and D: 1.5V/150mA
    • lithium cells: 3V/1mA, 6V / 10mA, 9V/10mA, 12V/10mA, 15V/10mA, 22.5V/10mA
  • Dimensions: 3.9" x 2.5" x 1.3"
  • Weight: 3.0oz


  • Select the correct battery type and voltage with the recessed range switch. Examples:
  • Move the range selector to the position labeled "1.5V AA-C-D" if you wish to test AA-, C- or D-batteries of 1.5V
    • select the "9V"-position to test rectangular 9V-batteries
    • select the "BUTTON CELL 1.5V"-position to test mercury, silver or alkaline button cells
    • select the "LITHIUM 3V"-position for lithium button cells
    • select the "1.5V AA-C-D"-position to test nickel cadmium batteries of 1.25V and read the value on the lowest of the three scales on the analogue display.
  • The value indicated on the meter is the load current drain placed on the battery during the check.

CAUTION: Selecting the wrong range will yield inaccurate results. You may also damage the device in the process.

  • Place the red probe tip (+) against the positive (+) battery terminal and the black probe tip (-) against the negative (-) battery terminal.

CAUTION : Mind the polarity indications when testing your batteries!

  • Select the correct range (see above). Use the following procedure to test your batteries:
    • Place the battery's negative (-) terminal against the VTTEST7's negative (-) contact and touch the battery's
      positive (+) terminal with the red probe tip (+)
    • In order to test rectangular 9V-batteries : place the battery's negative (-) terminal against the VTTEST7's negative (-) contact and place the battery's positive (+) terminal against the VTTEST7's positive (+) contact
    • In order to test button cell batteries: insert the battery in the slot on the side of the device. Make sure the negative (-) pole is facing up and press the brown switch on the front panel.

CAUTION : Observe the following safety prescriptions in order to avoid all damage to the button cell being tested:

  • Do not push the brown switch when using the probe tips to test a button cell.
  • Do not allow the red probe tip (+) to contact the black probe tip (-) when using the 9V-contacts to test button cells.
  • Read the analogue display to determine the condition of the battery.
    • Use the upper scale ("REGULAR") for measuring regular zinc carbon and alkaline batteries.
    • Use the centre scale ("BUTTON CELL - LITHIUM") for measuring mercury, silver oxide, alkaline and lithium button cells.
    • Use the lower scale ("NICKEL CADMIUM") for measuring rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries

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