Using Custom Imprinted Promotional Carbon Monoxide Detectors To Increase Sales

Custom Imprinted Promotional Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Model cP2CSIn 2004, The Heyn Company, one of the original home inspection companies, was looking for a way to get new customers and start a relationship with their existing customers. Home inspection companies typically attracted customers through telephone book ads, realtors and word of mouth. The calls coming from telephone book ads were starting to dwindle as customers searched for inspectors on the Internet or had their realtors handle the scheduling.

Also, the Heyn clientele only spoke to the company when scheduling the inspection or only spoke to the inspector in the field. There was no follow up or communication with the customer of any kind after the inspection.

Facing stiff competition from a growing number of competitors, The Heyn Company began looking for a way to establish better relationships with their customers, after the inspection. Since referrals from realtors and customers resulted in approximately 25% of sales, Heyn management figured it was easier to develop more referrals from happy customers and realtors than to continue spending valuable resources on other very expensive, but low return advertising activities.

Heyn management created a post-sales marketing program that consisted of mailing a package to the customer and both the selling and listing realtors. The package consisted of a postage paid survey card, a thank you card and a post card with advertising for other services and the referral gift program (newly created also). The Heyn people also wanted to attach a small thank you gift for the customer, but the gift had to fit in the 3″ x 5″ envelope.

Heyn contacted (who had by then become the owner of The Heyn Company, but kept separate offices and organizations) to find out if they sold any product that could fit in the envelope and make a nice gift. Heyn also asked if there was a way to attach the Heyn Company name on the product as well, figuring it would nice to have a sticker on the product to remind customers who gave them the gift. marketing staff immediately recommended the Custom Imprinted Carbon Monoxide Detectors. The detectors were flat and 2¼” x 2¼”. They would easily fit into the envelope. Plus they could be professionally imprinted with The Heyn Company logo and web site address. Also, the detectors are a safety device and would surely be useful to the customers.

The Heyn Company immediately ordered 1000 custom imprinted detectors and began to design an attractive and functional post-sale gift package. They decided to glue the detector directly to the advertisement post card and place it inside the envelope with the thank you and survey cards. All together the envelope weighed less than two ounces, so it was very cost effective to mail.

After each inspection, Heyn office staff prepared thank you packages for each customer and the respective sales and listing realtors. They were mailed the day after the inspection. The office staff also told the customer and/or the realtor, during the scheduling of the inspection, that a thank you package would arrive a few days after the inspection. Usually, by the following week the completed surveys would arrive back at the office. Office staff would then contact the realtors and customers to discuss any comments documented on the survey cards.

After the program had been running for several months, The Heyn Company discovered that realtors, who usually only booked one inspection with Heyn, began scheduling more frequently. Many realtors were thrilled that a home inspection company would send a handwritten thank you note after the sale. The carbon monoxide detectors became a conversation starter and Heyn received frequent requests for more detectors.

Customers also would call to thank the office staff for the thank you gift and pledge to refer Heyn Company to their relatives and friends. Sales from referrals increased approximately 5% the first year and eventually rose to become approximately 65% of total sales. The total cost of running the marketing program cost roughly 8% of total new sales.

But, aside from the increase in overall revenue, Heyn Company was able to establish many strong and lasting relationships with customers and realtors, which resulted in more referrals and sales of the company’s other services and products.

The result was more business, increased revenues, better customer relationships and an increased ability to weather the tumultuous real estate market that drove many home inspection companies out of business.

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