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COT-97 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester by Home Safeguard

Model #: COT-97

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Functionally tests CO detectors. Saline Solution Activated

The industry's first carbon monoxide detector tester in response to an authoritative report by the Gas Research Institute. The Institute found that, "..of the 96 CO detectors selected from four major CO detector manufacturers, none were free from failure." That is, they alarmed too soon, too late or not at all. Further, the Institute reported that the results of the "three month's test... are particularly dismal, as three out of four brands had failure rates of 50% to 67%." CO Checkê gives owners of CO detectors the assurance they need that their detectors will give the required alarm when carbon monoxide reaches dangerous levels in the home.

CO Checkê tests CO detectors by exposing them to a specially formulated pellet which, when moistened with water, generates a non-toxic gas that simulates carbon monoxide. In five to fifteen minutes after exposure, a properly functioning detector will go into alarm. Like other Home Safeguard safety products, CO Checkê is easy to use, reliable, and economically priced.

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