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Extech Continuity Tester Pro (CT20) with Remote Probe, Leads & Case

Model #: CT20

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The Extech CT20 continuity tester is perfectly suited for checking local continuity, remote continuity, and polarity. Easy to use and accurate, the Extech CT20 continuity tester is the perfect tool for electricians, cable TV and audio system installers, technicians, carpenters, handymen, and do-it-yourself homeowners.

The Extech CT20 continuity tester uses using a bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beep to show continuity. A remote probe is included to eliminate the need for two people when identifying and labeling long-distance wire/cable runs. The Extech CT20 continuity tester's remote probe allows a single user to identify up to three wires or cables at a time for correct labeling with only one trip to the other end location - cuts down on multiple trips back and forth. Polarity can be verified with the Extech CT20 continuity tester via a 20mA DC current pulse through the wires to the remote probe; this enables the technician to identify each of the wires under test at the other end of the cable run and eliminates the possibility of false high impedance readings.

The Extech CT20 continuity tester is lightweight and pocket sized and clips onto and hangs from the cable (s) under test area without falling off and comes complete with a remote probe, test leads with alligator clips, 9V battery and pouch.

  • One person operation for wire and cable testing.
  • Use for local continuity or remote wiring identification.
  • Identify up to 3 wires or cables at a time for correct labeling
  • Electricians, Cable TV And Audio System Installers
  • Alarm Technicians
  • Plumbers, HVAC Installers, Auto Repair
  • Carpenters, Handymen, DIY Homeowners
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