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Microwave Oven Leak Tester

Model #: MW1

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Microwave ovens may leak due to a variety of reasons, including normal wear & tear. Grease & food particles may also contribute to microwave leakage around the seals hinges.

This test kit is specifically designed to detect radiation at the level that the CENTER FOR DEVICE & RADIOLOGICAL HEALTH has deemed hazardous.

Requires no batteries & may be used over & over many times.

Highly potent microwave energy by domestic microwave ovens is capable of penetrating living tissue to a depth of approximately 1.18" (30mm). Microwaves may easily pass through porcelain, glass, ceramics and most plastics.

It is of critical importance that ALL microwave ovens are periodically checked to ensure that no damage or malfunction has occurred since the time your microwave left the factory. Microwave leakage around door seals, hinges and metal fittings is far from uncommon.

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What our customers say...

I couldn't believe my microwave oven was leaking. Not only that but so was my mother-in-law's. Best part was mine only needed an adjustment in the door & hers had a piece of paper stuck in the door area that was not easy to see. She scraped & cleaned the door seal area and now safe cooking.

Rated by Marty Kreznowski

I shopped all over & found your prices to be great. Customer service on the phone when I orderd was polite. And best of all this hand little device discovered a bad microwave at my daughter's pre-school. I carry it in my purse now & check everyone's microwaves. Thanks

Rated by Barbara Kelly
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