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Open Delivery Aluminum Test Head 30" (N-30) Trigger Head

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Open Delivery Aluminum Test Head 30" (N-30) Trigger Head

30" Head - Grips and triggers our 2.5 and 6 oz. aerosol cans. Extension Devices enable you to reach even the highest, most remote smoke detectors quickly and easily without the use of ladders. These devices consist of two units: the Head Tube, which grips and triggers the aerosol can; and the Extension Arm, which serves to extend the range of testing operations. This versatile set of accessories allows you to test the smoke detectors at elevations of 10 to 34 feet (3m.-11m). 50" extensions available (N59-Arm)


  • Simulates the rising effect of real smoke
  • For use with N59 Extensions and 1490 Adapter Tube
  • Not compatible with Enclosed Delivery Test Equipment Extension Poles


  • Insert aerosol can into clip, seating rim of can on clip for support
  • Slide trigger knob downward to activate aerosol
  • Attach optional 1490 Adapter Tube

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