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Radon Gas in Water Test Kit (rn-h2o) with Lab Analysis Included

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Radon Gas in Water Test Kit (rn-h2o) with Lab Analysis Included


Radon in water may contribute to the level of Radon in your air. Testing the Radon level in your water is recommended if you have a private well.

Do-it-yourself testkit includes: boro-silicate glass collection vial, with a Teflon-faced silicone septa insert, easy to follow (illustrated) instructions & a pre-addressed return shipping package.

EPA CERTIFIED lab results are available online next business day (after 4.30pm eastern) of receiving them back in our lab - click here for results

Download Instruction Sheet / Information Form

How to perform the test:radon in water testkit instructions

  1. Remove the aerator or filter from the faucet (if one is attached).
  2. Turn on cold water & allow it to flow until fresh water is drawn from the well. This may take 10 minutes or longer. Water that has been sitting in the pipes or holding tank may not have as much radon to measure, as fresh water from the well.
  3. Slowly fill a clean bowl or deep pan with the spigot underwater if possible. Minimize aeration and splashing.
  4. Remove the test-vial cap & submerge the vial and the cap open side up until they fill with water. While the vial and cap are under water, screw the cap back on tightly. Lift vial out of water and turn it upside down check for air bubbles. If there is a bubble or an air space, repeat the process.
  5. Record the sample number(s) for your reference and ability to retrieve results online. Online results are typically available within 24-48 hours of the lab receiving the sample(s). Get Results at:
  6. Fill out data sheet with report to name, address, e-mail, test address, vial number(s) and the date and time the sample(s) were collected. We cannot calculate your result(s) without the sample collection date and time. Repack the vial & information form in the shipping carton. Affix proper postage!

Samples must be returned within 8 days of ending the test.
If delivery of your kit is lost or delayed, we will not be responsible for invalid results or for a free replacement kit.

CT residents must return within 4 days.

Learn more about Radon (New window will open and take you to our Radon Information site)

Not available in New Jersey Click here for NJ test kits

In the laboratory, a measured aliquot of the water sample is mixed with scintillation cocktail in a glass test vial. Radon preferentially dissolves into the cocktail over period of several hours. The vial is then placed in a shielded chamber for counting. Alpha particles emitted by the breakdown products of Radon create scintillations, or flashes of light, in the cocktail.

A photo-multiplier tube detects these scintillation's, the signal is electronically enhanced and the effect of the alpha particles are counted. Background counts are subtracted and the net counts are entered into a formula with other relevant data yielding quantitative results stated in picoCuries per Liter (pCi/L).

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