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Radstar Electronic Continuous Radon Monitor (RS300) CRM w/USB Cable

Model #: RS300

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Professional Electronic Continuous Radon Monitor, Model number RS300, Radstar CRM is supplied with USB Cable & Calibration Certificate.

Allow up to 5 days for fianl calibration before this is shipped out.

The Radstar 300 series professional CRM is the top choice by Home Inspectors & Environmental Testing Companies.

Features include:

  • Set Up Delay feature. With one click you can drop either the first 12 or 24 hours off of the test reading.
  • Ionization chamber detector.
  • Accurate measurements in a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Internal memory.
  • Stores minimum, maximum and average readings.
  • Print or download to a laptop or desktop computer (printer sold separately).
  • Lightweight, durable and tamper-resistant.
  • Software is available for downloading to your laptop or desktop PC*.
  • Continuous measurement of radon gas - Provides hourly and average readings.
  • AC power / battery operation.
  • Accurate measurements in a wide range of temperatures and relative humidity.
  • Nominal sensitivity: 0.2 cpm/pCi/L.
  • Field worthy, sturdy construction.
  • No moving parts - No pumps or filters to maintain or replace.
  • Minimal setup time required.
  • Easy tripod attachment: (2) 1/4" x 20 Threaded Tripod Mounts.
  • Serial port for onsite printing (to optional printer) or computer download.
  • Keyed operation with keypad lockout.
  • Instrument motion sensor.
Radstar USB Connection Cable

Supplied with:

  • USB connector cable (28262).
  • Calibration certificate.
  • 1 year limited manufacturers warranty.

* Install on Windows operating systems, on other operating systems like Mac, you may have to use a PC Emulator software to run the Radstar Software

Accuracy less than 10% deviation
Measurement Radon Gas (Rn-222 Alpha)
Principle of Operation Pulsed Ionization Chamber
Units picoCuries per Liter
Sensitivity 0.27 cpm/pCi/L
Dynamic Range 0.5 to 150 pCi/L
Linearity plus or minus 10% Best straight line
Lower Limit of Detection 0.5 pCi/L
Data Storage (nonvolatile) Up to 240 readings, wrap on overrun
Sampling Mode Passive diffusion
Measurement Interval 1 hour
Maximum Number of Intervals 240
Continuous Measurement Range 1 hour to 10 days
Shows Alpha Counts Yes
Calculates Average Measurement Yes
Data Transfer Software (Windows) RadStar Data Capture Utility Version 4.1
Tilt Switch Yes
A/C Power Fail Detection Yes
Key Switch Lock-out Yes
Physical Dimensions 7"H x 8"W x 4.5"D
Weight 2.5 pounds
Color Green & Black
Operating temperature 50° to 90°F
Operating humidity 0 to 80% RH non-condensing
Display None
Operating Indicators Green A/C Power, Red Testing LED
Output RS-232 serial port
Battery Operation 5 to 8 days; internal NiCad
Battery Recharge Time 12 Hours
Power Supply AC Wall Transformer (110vAC to 12vDC 800mA)


Available Accessories

Software version 4.1 Notes:

Software support:

  • Requires Windows 7 or later operating system.
    • MacOS is not supported (we recommend using emulator app).
  • Tablets, netbooks & Chromebooks are not always able to be supported at this time.

Software Version 4.1 features include:

  • Customizable Report
  • Save/Archive Tests on your PC
  • Export Data for Your CRM or Reports
  • Enter Tester Information
  • Enter/Type in Test Details
  • Does NOT support RS500 model RadStars
  • Does NOT support Windows Vista or older operating systems

Quick Start Guide

  1. Plug power adapter marked RadStar Power Supply into any 120VAC outlet. RS300 International power supplies are provided with plug adapters and may use any 120/240VAC 50/60Hz single phase outlet.
  2. Plug free end of power adapter into left side of RS300. Green LED should come on.
  3. Insert key and turn to [ Keypad On ].
  4. Press and hold the [ Hold to Clear ] button until the beep tone stops to erase any previously stored test data. There will be a short beep to indicate the memory has been cleared.
  5. When you are ready to start the test, turn key to [ Measure On ] position and remove the key.

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