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Clean-Trace Water Plus Total ATP Swabs (AQT200) 100 Pack

Model #: AQT200

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3M Clean-Trace Water Plus Total ATP (AQT200) 100 Pack

Real-time ATP water hygiene test which gives an objective indication of cleanliness in seconds.

  • the test is designed to rapidly assess equipment sanitation processes and the efficiency of Clean In Place (CIP) procedures by the improved more accurate detection of organic contamination from microbial or product residues.
  • The test gives an objective indication of cleanliness in water samples in seconds. Designed for use with the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ NG Luminometer, the new AQT200 formulation now provides the ability to gain more consistent and reliable results providing greater confidence in your hygiene monitoring procedures.
  • The new and improved formulation also provides the flexibility to store AQT200 at your own convenience - room temperature for up to 2 months or refrigerated for up to 10 months.
  • ECCN: EAR99.
  • Harmonized Code: 3822005090.
  • 3M Stock #: 7100002659.
  • Previous 3M Stock # GH6205381123M.
  • Catalog #: AQT200.
  • UPC #: 04054596181359.

Results measured using the 3M Clean-Trace NG or LM1 Luminometer and provided in Relative Light Units (RLU).

  • Optimal test temperature: 59° to 86° F (15° to 30° C)
  • Shelf life:
    • Refrigerated: 35.6° to 46.4°F (2° to 8°C): approximately 8 months
    • Room temperature: 69.8° to 77° F (21° to 25°C): approximately 2 months
SDS Safety Data Sheet or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Click to Download Safety Data Sheet - SDS

Instructions for Use

  1. Before the 3M Clean-Trace Water-Free test device is activated, it is important to ensure your 3M Clean-Trace NG or LM1 Luminometer is switched on and initialized. Refer to the manual provided with the instrument for full details. Place the 3M Clean-Trace Water-Free ATP test devices at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before use.
  2. Collect liquid samples from the test sites of interest. Process each sample through steps 3-6. DO NOT batch at any of these stages.
  3. Swirl to mix the sample. Remove a 3M Clean-Trace Water-Free ATP test device from the foil pouch. Remove the sampling stick from the 3M device and immerse the sample collection rings into the liquid under test, tapping the handle gently if bubbles form (figure 1). Immediately remove the sample head from the solution to be tested and carefully return the sampling stick to the test device such that the handle is at its starting position.
  4. To process the sample, push down firmly on the top of the 3M Clean-Trace Water-Free ATP sample stick handle (figure 2). The handle will slide into the test device tube and the top of the handle should be level with the top of the device tube when fully depressed. Grip the top of the test device and shake rapidly side-to-side for at least five seconds to mix the sample and reagent (figure 3).
  5. Immediately open the sample chamber of the 3M Clean-Trace NG or LM1 Luminometer and insert the 3M Clean-Trace Water-Free ATP test device. Close the chamber cap and press the measure button. The light emitted by the 3M Clean-Trace test device will be measured and the result (in RLU) will appear on the display (figure 4).
Clean Trace Water Total ATP Test Swabs

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