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Dwyer 160-48 SS Pitot Tube, 0.3125" Diameter x 48.625" Length

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Dwyer 160-48 Stainless Steel Pitot Tube, 0.3125" Diameter x 48.625" Insertion Length

The Series 160 Stainless Steel Pitot Tube is constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel with permanently etched insertion depth graduations for a lifetime of service. The static pressure port is parallel to the sensing tube to allow quick, easy alignment of the tube with air flow. A universal model fits the user supplied 3/4" schedule 40 pipe in any length.

  • 5/16" diameter, 48-5/8" insertion length.
  • Monitor or control air velocity or air flow when combined with differential pressure gage, switch or transmitter.
  • No calibration needed.
  • Precisely located, burr-free static pressure holes.
  • Hemispherical tip design, best for accuracy if imperfectly aligned and nearly impossible to damage.
  • Long lasting 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Silver soldered connections for leak-proof operation.
  • Maximum Temperature: 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: Special shipping and handling charges will apply to this pitot tube. Shipping length is over 51".

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