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Flood Alarm Battery Operated (UTL2002) White with Remote Sensor

Model #: UTL2002

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Flood Alarm Battery Operated (UTL2002) White with Remote Sensor

UTL flood alarm with Remote Sensor is a self-contained electronic device to sound an alarm when the sensor is in contact with water. The electronic horn alarm is set off immediately when the sensor (on a 6' wire) comes in contact the water or moisture. The sensor can be used in a variety of methods depending on your application. It has an endless number of uses and can save customers thousands of dollars in water damage.

  • For unattended filling of bathtubs, pools, spas etc. at the point where you want to be alerted.
  • Evaporator pans under refrigerator, freezer, air handler etc.
  • Ideal under hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, or as a sump pump back up.
  • Storm sewer backup and basement leaks
  • Accumulation of water in bilges or condensation
  • Detachable wire connection (useful for fishing between walls or floors)

  • High impact plastic case
  • Can be used portable or mounted in a fixed position
  • Designed to alert you of overflows, leaks or water trouble.
  • Heavy duty sensor with a 6' sensor wire and suction cup
  • Electronic circuit board
  • Loud (approximately 75 to 85 dB) alarm (sounds for approximately 36 hours)
  • The connector has screw on wires so you can route the wires through small areas first, then connect it to the alarm. If it is soldered direct to the unit it would limit some of the applications because of the size of the sensor.
  • Low battery warning
  • Self-test button
  • Visual (LED) and loud audible alarms
  • Power: 9 volt battery alkaline (not included)
  • Jack for conventional 9 Volt adapter

  • Instructions
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Remote sensor with 6' cord
  • Mounting hardware included

Locate this alarm in a location where it can be heard from other parts of the building. If this is not possible you may want to consider a Wireless Alarm System. More info

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