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Floor Humidity Sleeves 75mm x 12mm (BLD4750HS) 20 PACK

Model #: BLD4750HS-020

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This method can be used to carry out the ASTM F2170-02 Standard test method for determining relative humidity in floor slabs using IN SITU probes.

Protimeter depth selectable humidity sleeves are designed for use with the Protimeter HygroStick humidity probe. They can be used in combination with the Protimeter Hygromaster and any other instruments that utilize the humidity stick. Humidity sleeves improve and simplify the process of measuring the moisture level of solid walls, floors and structures in terms of equilibrium relative humidity (ERH). They are placed into pre-drilled holes in the material under investigation.

Humidity Sleeve Features and Components

The humidity sleeve is an impervious plastic tube of 12mm (15/32”) nominal diameter and 70mm (2¾”) overall length with a flange and sealing cap at one end. The tube is split into four sections separated by sealing rings. Each section has two recessed areas that can be "knocked out" to create windows through which air can circulate. Isolated humidity readings can be taken at four specific depths (15, 30, 45 and 60mm) below the surface by knocking out only the windows in the appropriate section. The humidity sleeve tool is used to knock out the windows and to drive the sleeve fully into the pre-drilled clearance holes. The tool should always be used for this purpose to ensure that the sleeve is not damaged during placement.

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