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Kane May KM900COP Combustion Analyzer with Pump

Model #: KM900COP

Condition: New

This item is No Longer Available

No Longer Available

The KM900CO/P is designed for commercial and light industrial contractors and technicians. Includes seven preprogrammed fuels with two positions for user-specified fuels. With 150 memory locations, tests can be stored and downloaded to the optional IR printer through the infrared port or to a PC through the RS-232 port utilizing the optional Fireworks™ software package. The unit comes complete with a large carrying case, probe and battery charger.

Measures CO and calculates CO2, boiler efficiency, excess air losses and the O2 and CO/CO2 ration (The Poison Index) to give complete readings for effective boiler analysis. This hand-held analyzer is easy to use for residential or commercial flue gas measurement and analysis.


  • 0 to 10,000ppm H2 compensated CO sensor
  • Installed memory can store up to 150 readings and can transfer data to a printer or PC (via Infra-red printer link)
  • Printout displays the time/date of each measurement as well as personalized information such as company name and telephone number
  • Long life rechargeable battery & large 4 line display
  • Upgrades available include NOx, SO2 and Draft (add up to 2 additional sensors)
  Resolution Accuracy Range
Temp Measurement
Flue Temperature with Probe 0.1º

±2ºC ±0.3%

32-1112ºF (0-600ºC)
Inlet Temperature 0.1º

±1ºC ±0.3%

32-122ºF (0-50ºC)

Gas Measurement *
Oxygen 0.1%


0 to 21%

Carbon Monoxide

(H2 compensated)


±20ppm <400ppm†

±5% <5,000ppm

±10% <5,000ppm

0 to 10,000ppm
Carbon Monoxide 1ppm

±20ppm <400ppm†

±5% <5,000ppm

0 to 4,000ppm
Carbon Dioxide * 0.1%


0 to 99.9%
Losses † 0.1%


0 to 99.9%
Efficiency † 0.1%


0 to 99.9%
Excess Air † 0.1%


0 to 2885.0%
Temp (Nett) † 1.0º

±2ºC (±0.3%)

32-1112ºF (0-600ºC)
CO/CO2 Ratio † 0.0001


0 to 0.9999
Poison Index † 0.01%


0 to 99.99

 † Using dry gases at STP
 * Calculated

  • Pre-programmed Fuels: Natural Gas, Town Gas, Gascor, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Propane, Butane, Anthracite, Coke, Coal, Kinsale Gas
  • Dimensions:
    • Handset: 8.7" x 2.2" x 4.7" (220 x 55 x 120mm)
    • Probe Length: 420mm,  8mm Diameter with 285mm stainless steel shaft, type K thermocouple and 1.5m neoprene hose
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Altitude to 2000m
  • Ambient operating temperature range: 32º to 104ºF (0º to 40ºC)
  • Ambient operating humidity range:10 to 90% RH non condensing
  • Power supply (battery charger): Input: 110vAC / 220vAC; nominal Output: 12vAC off load
  • Battery Life: >8 hours from full charge
  • Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C linearly
    to 50% RH at 40°C

Supplied with:

  • Flue gas probe, Battery & Battery charger
  • Protective rubber boot, User's manual & Large Cordura carrying case
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty (2 year on O2 sensor)

Options: You can add up to 2 additional sensors

SENSOR RANGE Resolution Accuracy PART#
Nitric Oxide - NO1 0~5,000ppm 1ppm



Nitric Oxide - NO1 low range 0~100ppm 1ppm



Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0~1,000ppm 1ppm




Sulfur Dioxide - SO2 0~5,000ppm 1ppm



Sulfur Dioxide - SO2 low range 0~100ppm 1ppm 18131
Pressure 0.1 mbar ±150mbar

±2% of full scale


  • Smoke Pump Test Kit: SPT1
  • Inlet Temperature Probe (6" Liquid K-Type): ATT100
  • Infrared Printer: KMIRP2

Download Data Sheet (PDF format)

Download Users Manual (PDF format)

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