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Mold Test Kit (MTK-01) with Mold Booklet, 4 Petri Dishes, Culture Gel

Model #: MTK-01

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Do it yourself mold test kit. Complete with 4 Petri dishes & lids and test gel. Laboratory results available at a discount rate of $39 if necessary.


  • 4 non-toxic testing plates with lids

  • Non-toxic testing gel

  • Postage paid return mailer

  • "A Guide to Mold and Mold Contamination" booklet

  • Instructions


1. Carefully remove the 4 pre-treated test plates from the plastic box and place them on a level surface. Save the box for later use. Remove the lids from all 4 plates. Do not touch the inside of the plates, this may contaminate them.

2. Some weather conditions may cause a moisture layer to build up on the bottom of the plates. Do not try to remove the layer. The droplets will not interfere with the performance of the Mold Test Kit.

3. Open the enclosed bottle. Using a clean, dry teaspoon, measure one teaspoon of the Test Gel into each plate. Make sure the bottom of the plate is evenly covered with gel.

4. Place the lids back on the plates and keep them on a level surface until the liquid hardens (45 to 60 minutes).

5. Turn on the fan for the HVAC (heating & air conditioning) system and let it run until you are finished taking samples.

6. Remove the lid from one plate and place-it outside in a protected area on a table or beneath an overhang, away from trees or bushes. This will be your control sample. Do not locate the plate directly in the sun. For best results, do not perform the test while it is raining.

7. Select interior locations for the 3 remaining plates. The plates should be located in separate areas throughout the home or office. Keep the lids on the plates until you have placed them. If you have a visible mold problem, one plate should be used to test a sample of the visible mold. To test the visible mold on a wall or other location, use a clean cotton swab and wipe the tip across the visible mold growth. Then gently wipe the mold sample from the swab into the gel in the plate. Cover the plate and note the location on a label and place the label on the outside bottom of the plate. In a home, it is suggested that air samples be taken with the remaining plates. One should be placed on a kitchen counter or table. Place another plate in the living area or family room and put the final plate (if available) in the primary bedroom area, or any other area of concern.

8. When testing an office or apartment, if one plate cannot be placed outside, put it in an area not directly related to the office/apartment, such as a hallway. Put the remaining plates throughout the office/apartment, particularly in any areas of concern.

9. Now take the lids off the air sampling plates. Leave the plates exposed for 1 hour.

10. After 1 hour, put the lids back on the plates. Write the test locations on the labels provided, and attach the corresponding label to the bottom of each testing plate.

11. Place all 4 covered plates in a dark, warm place (such as a kitchen cabinet) for 48 hours.

12. After 48 hours, examine the plates for mold growth. If there is no mold growth, examine them again after 72 hours to be sure no slow-growing molds were missed. If no mold growth is present after 96 hours, analysis is not necessary. If your results indicate there is a mold problem, such as more mold growing on the plates located indoors than on the outdoor plate, or you would like to know if your visible mold sample is dangerous, see the enclosed lab information card for more details on having the sample analyzed by our fully accredited laboratory.

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