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NCR Paper 20lb (NCR3R) 1 Ream, 167 3-Part Sets, Reverse Run Laser

Model #: NCR3R

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Using carbonless paper is a great way to make business forms right in your office, efficiently and cost effectively. These pre-collated set are in a sequence of the finished form.

We have tried different brands and have found this one to work best and produce the most professional looking forms. The paper is loaded white page up. Set printer to settings to straight run (not collating).

Using your office computer and printer, you can produce multi-part forms on demand, saving time and money. You can even print instructions, terms or other text on the reverse side of the paper.

Once your forms are printed, you need to make sure they are stacked as straight and tight and you can. Place a telephone book or other heavy object on top of the stack. Use a good adhesive, designed to attach and "fan apart" the forms after they have dried to glue them together. The glue, applied with a foam brush, will connect the 3 parts and allow the sets to be separated easily.

This paper is perfect for service companies, such as home inspectors, roofers, contractors, etc., to make contracts, reports or any other form that requires a signature or multiple copies.

  • 3-Part pre-collated set of white, canary and pink paper.
  • Excellent toner adhesion.
  • Makes sharp, clean forms.
  • Reverse run designed for black & white laser printers. (This paper is NOT designed for color laser printers. Ink jet printers require "straight" run sets.)
  • Carbonless, bright white paper
  • 8 1/2 x 11, 20lb
  • Pink/Canary/White
  • 500 sheets, makes 167 3-part sets This item is not returnable.

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Product 9 of 20
Category: Outlet / Overstock
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