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Oscilloscope Digital (K7105) True RMS, dB, Peak-to-Peak & DC

Model #: K7105

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This handheld scope features options never seen in its category. It is packed with handy features which enables you to perform on-the-spot measurements quick, easy and accurate. Its high-contrast, wide viewing angle LCD screen enables operation under normal daylight conditions. All functions are accessible by means of a tactile keyboard with a pleasant touch feeling. The current operating mode is displayed on-screen. If desired, auto-setup mode takes care of all scope settings for instant visualization of waveforms. The marker function enables you to make accurate measurements of voltage, time and frequency. Acting as a DVM, it displays True RMS, dB, peak-to-peak and DC volts. With its built-in variable gain sine generator, it allows easy service of audio equipment, etc.… Probe transient response can be adjusted using the calibration output. Finally, a RS232 port enables screen data to be sent to a PC for use in different applications. A charge circuit with indicator LED for rechargeable batteries is provided.


  • true RMS or peak to peak read-out
  • dB measurements
  • markers for voltage and time
  • auto setup function
  • DC readout with zero reference function
  • frequency readout through markers
  • dot join function
  • screen hold function
  • grid or ruler function
  • adjustable trigger level
  • trigger mode: normal, auto or single
  • trigger edge: rising or falling
  • waveform memory (1 location only)
  • RS232 data output to computer
  • auto power off (can be disabled)


  • maximum sample rate for repetitive signals: 5MHz
  • maximum sample rate for single shot events: 0.5MHz
  • input impedance: 1Mohm // 20pF
  • maximum input voltage: 100Vp (AC + DC)
  • input coupling: DC, AC and GND
  • vertical resolution: 8 bit (6 bits displayed on LCD)
  • dB range: -73dB to +40dB
  • linearity: 1 bit (of 8 bit data)
  • LCD: 64 x 128 pixels
  • timebase: 2µs to 20s / div in 22 steps
  • input sensitivity: 5mV to 20V / div in 12 steps
  • sinewave generator: 400Hz / 1Vrms // 1Kohm (adjustable)
  • square wave output: 400Hz 3.5Vpp
  • power supply: 9VDC / 300mA
  • rechargeable battery: 6 x type AA / 800mAh
  • charge current: 90mA
  • charging time: 14 hours
  • autonomy: 5 hours
  • operating temperature: 32°F to 122°F
  • dimensions: 5.1 x 9.1 x 1.7"

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