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Radon Gas Air Test 4" Canisters Short Term (rn-CAN25) 25 pack

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25-Pack of Inspect USA Short Term Radon Gas Test Canisters. Our 4 inch open face charcoal radon test canister has been calibrated at the laboratory for an exposure of 48 to 96 hours.

Same Business Day EPA Certified lab results are included in price.

Lab results and a PDF version of the report is available same business day (approx 4.30 PM eastern) when canister(s) are received at the street address of the Radon Lab prior to 11:00 AM Eastern, with completed data sheet. Canisters received after 11:00 AM will be available the next business day (approx 4:30 PM eastern).

    Example: if we receive your canister back at the lab (not Post Office) on a Tuesday morning before 11:00 AM eastern time, result will be available Tuesday after 4.30 pm eastern. If received Friday after 11:00AM, Saturday or Sunday, result will be available Monday afternoon at approximately 4:30 PM eastern.

It is recommended to send the canisters back to the street address of the Radon Lab via Fedex/UPS morning service (delivery before 11AM eastern) to get same day results. US Postal, 2nd Day Air and Ground service all typically arrive after the 'same day' results window.

Not for use in New Jersey - Click here for NJ test kits

click here to look up radon test results In order to retrieve results online, the test canister serial number and the test site zip code are required. Results are emailed to one email address (must be included on data/info sheet).

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Download Radon Gas Test Instructions/ Information Form

  • EPA recommends using 2 canisters per 1200 square foot dwelling and an additional unit for each 1000 square feet.
  • Exposure time: 48 hour minimum up to a 96 hour maximum (no exception on this).
  • Extremely accurate and easy to use.
  • LAB credentials provided on every lab report and is available upon request.
  • Shelf life on the canister is approximately 24 months (expired canisters have no value and should be discarded). Use by date is on each canister.
  • Each radon in air test canister order will include 1 pre-addressed Priority Mailer and (1) instructions/ information form. Download electronic version here
  • Return shipping to the lab is not included.

Lab processing is provided by Accustar Labs. Same as the: PicoCan 400, listed by the AARST NRPP, the NRSB and approved for use in all States.

PLACING THE RADON CANISTER. Canister should be placed in the lowest level of the house that is regularly used for 8-10 hours per week. If making a follow-up measurement, the US EPA recommends placing a canister on each level that is used for living space. Do NOT test in garage, porch, kitchen, closet, bathroom, furnace room, laundry room, root cellar, crawl space or sump. DO NOT place canisters where they will be exposed to high humidity and/or noticeable drafts from open doors, windows, fireplace, heat/air conditioning vents etc. Place each canister at least 3' from exterior doors or windows and at least 2' off the floor. If performing a duplicate test (typically for Real Estate Transactions), place 2 canisters side by side 4" apart. Leave each canister in place and undisturbed for 48-96 hours.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns will be accepted for these items.

Specifications: The canister is all metal (Ellisco type), eight ounce capacity. The nominal dimensions of the canister are 4 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches deep. The canister contains approximately 70 grams of Calgon type 1193-coconut shell charcoal. The charcoal is 8 x 16 mesh and has a maximum radioactivity for gamma emitters of 0.2 pCi/g. The charcoal is held firmly in place by a screen of 30 to 50% openness and a borosilicate glass fiber filter with a basis weight of 22.9 grams / square meter. The screen and filter are held in place by an internally expandable ring of sufficient stiffness to hold the charcoal in place during handling including a drop from 3 to 4 feet onto a concrete floor. The canister is covered with a metal lid with a circular piece of foam material attached to the inner surface and sealed with vinyl tape.

Analysis: Canisters are securely placed within a lead-shielded chamber in contact with a sodium iodide (NaI) crystal. The gamma radiation from the elements adsorbed onto the charcoal causes a light signal in the NaI crystal, which is electrically enhanced and counted using a ratemeter. Background counts are subtracted and the net counts are entered into a formula with other relevant data yielding quantitative results stated in picoCuries per Liter (pCi/L).

Not for use in New Jersey - Click here for NJ test kits

Download Instruction Sheet / Information Form

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