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Solo 423 Corded Heat Detector Test Head (SOLO-423) 110vAC

Model #: SOLO-423

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SOLO 423 Corded Heat Detector Test Head (SOLO-423) 110/120v AC

The SOLO 423 is a professional and robust tool for testing heat detectors fitted at heights up to 9m / 30ft. Unlike the SOLO 461, it does require a power cord / mains lead but, conversely, does not require any special energy saving features.

  • Quick activation times.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Detector types:
    • spot.
    • point type.
    • fixed temperature.
    • rate-of-rise.
    • combination detectors up to 194°F / 90°C.
  • Designed to provide a functional test of heat detectors.
  • Electrically operated and fitted with a motor and ceramic element designed to blow hot air.
  • Universal design suits widest range of detectors.
  • Operating voltage: 110 to 120 volts AC.
  • Power: approximately 700 watts.
  • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.
  • Weight: 2 pounds 6 ounces (1.20kg).
  • Dimensions:
    • Inside diameter: 4.5" (115mm).
    • Working depth: 5.9" x 2.4".
  • Safety: thermal cut out, electrically fused, double insulated.
  • Supplied with 16ft (5meter) cable.

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Accessories and poles:

  • SOLO-100 Fiberglass 4 Section Telescopic Pole 14.7 feet.
  • SOLO 108 Fiberglass 2 Section Telescopic Pole 7.8 feet.
  • SOLO-101 Fiberglass Extension Pole 3.7 feet, each.
  • SOLO-200 Universal Detector Removal Tool.
  • SOLO-610 Protective Carrying Bag.

Instructions for Use

  • Before use, check label for correct voltage supply.
  • Tester is supplied with a short lead at the end of which is fitted a male industrial safety plug.
  • Operator will need to provide extension cable of the necessary length fitted with a female coupling.
  • Press the red switch which will then illuminate to indicate the unit is operational.
  • Tester cup should be placed completely over the detector (where detector size allows) until the
    detector activates.
  • Hold in place until alarm occurs, or the LED of the detector flashes (may take up to 60 seconds
    for some grades of heat detectors).


  • Do not use on Non-Restorable Heat Detectors (Solo 461 is recommended).
  • Do NOT touch metal grill inside the transparent cup during operation, or for several minutes after
  • Do not obstruct air vents on housing.
  • Do not use device near surfaces or objects which may be damaged or react to temperatures of
    approximately 212°F.
  • Use device only in the manner described and intended.
  • No unqualified person should attempt to repair or replace parts.

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