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SpotOn Consistometer Kit (23920) with Hard Carry Case

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SpotOn Consistometer Kit (23920) with Hard Carry Case

Portable texture meter for shortening, margarines, butters, cheese, icings, pastes, and more.

  • Quick quantitative measurements of product or ingredient consistency.
  • Penetrating consistometer measures entire sample, not just the surface.
  • Simple to operate; employs self-teaching features.
  • Works on a variety of products and ingredients (shortening, frosting, dough, butter, cheese...).
  • Includes pc software for full data recall and custom configuration to your application.
  • On-board microprocessor calculates and displays:
    – the average force of a measurement
    – the mean of a group of measurements
    – the standard deviation of a group of measurements
    – the equilibrated temperature of the measured sample.
  • Precision load cell and non-contact depth sensor simultaneously measure penetration force and penetration depth, while sample temperature is also measured.
  • Displays instantaneous penetration speed to guide operator for repeatable results.
  • Included pc software allows configuration for many products by setting the desired penetration rate, depth of measurement, type of probe tip and specification ranges; all of which can be preloaded onto the instrument.
  • Interchangeable probe tips can be used to adapt the instrument to different products
Range: 0-22lbs (0-9999g)
0-28in (0-70cm)
32-99.9°F (0-37.7°C)
Resolution: 0.01lbs (4g)
0.1in (0.1cm)
0.1°F (0.1°C)
Accuracy: +/- 2%
+/- 0.25in (+/- 0.6cm)
+/- 0.5°F (+/- 0.3°C)
Reading Interval: Every 0.4in (Every 1cm)
Operating Environment: 35-120°F (2-49°C)
0-95% RH
Indoor Only
Memory Capacity: 99 Measurements
Computer Interface: USB
Data can be downloaded as an Excel® file for analysis and plotting
Battery: 9 v Alkaline
25hrs. cont. use life
Shaft: Includes shaft extension for depths up to 12 in. (30cm)


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