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Arsenic in Water Test Kit 0-50ppb (P-77704) Results in 30 Minutes

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Category: Water Testing
Arsenic sometimes naturally occurs in water and can be found in public and private water supplies. Mining operations, semiconductor manufacturing, and use of wood preservatives are some of the ways water can be contaminated with this poison.

If you have a private well you should test for arsenic at least annually because arsenic is often found at levels over 100 times the U.S. EPA safe standard.

Here is an easy method of screening water for arsenic, in just minutes, conveniently right at home or in the field. There is nothing to mail and you get instant results. By identifying arsenic in your water, you can take steps to avoid the risks linking this substance to lung and skin cancer or death.

Check and be sure your water meets the safe standard for arsenic as established by the World Health Organization: 10 parts per billion(ppb).

Each package contains one arsenic test. Measures 0, 10, 25 and 50 ppb.

Product 13 of 13
Category: Water Testing
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