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Bacteria Coliform & E. Coli, Nitrate & Nitrite in Water Test Kit (P77700)

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Category: Water Testing

BACTERIA, NITRATE, NITRITE test kits is laboratory certified to accurately detect the presence of coliform bacteria, including E. coli. PurTest® has been used by health departments, utilities and inspectors.

Water experts recommend testing home water at least:

  • Once a year for municipal water users
  • Twice a year for well water users
  • Four times a year for those with low immunities (such as HIV patients), or for anyone on chemotherapy
  • Whenever you suspect a problem or a problem is reported in your area

The cleanest, best tasting water may contain undetected contaminants. Water contaminated with harmful bacteria, nitrates or nitrites can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headache, serious illness, even death.

PurTest® NITRATE & NITRITE instantly detect potentially harmful levels of these pollutants, which for infants may cause a sometimes fatal "blue baby" condition.


  • Add water
  • Let stand for 48 hours
  • Check results:
    • Solution is Purple: No coliform bacteria
    • Solution is Yellow: Coliform bacteria is present. Corrective action is recommended.


  • Dip strip in water sample to be tested.
  • Let stand for 60 seconds
  • Check results. A color match or shade lighter (negative) indicates nitrate and nitrite levels are within EPA standards. A darker shade (positive) indicates a dangerous pollution level.
Product 13 of 13
Category: Water Testing
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