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Cooking Temperatures

The only way to accurately tell the internal temperature of food is with a meat thermometer.

This quick reference will help you keep track of proper internal temperatures for all of your favorite meat dishes. Keep a meat thermometer handy, so you can be sure your holiday dishes are both safe and delicious.

Safe Internal Temperature (ºF )
Turkey (Whole, Stuffed or Unstuffed)
Thigh 180º
Breast 170º
Stuffing 165º
Beef Roast/Prime Rib
Medium Rare 145º
Medium 160º
Well Done 170º
Pork Roast
Medium 160º
Well Done 170º
Fresh or Raw 160º
Fully Cooked 140º
Fully Cooked as Leftovers 165º
Chicken / Duck / Goose / Quail / Pheasant
Breast 170º
Whole/Drumstick/Thigh/Wing 180º
Egg Dishes 160º
Leftovers 165º

The temperature of a whole turkey must reach 180ºF deep in the thigh and 170º in the breast and the stuffing must reach 165ºF. For safety and uniform doneness of turkey, cook stuffing separately.

*Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a detailed procedure of food safety implemented by evaluation and control of chemical, microbiological, physical hazards during the whole processes of a food preparation and production from raw material handling to manufacturing and dispatch and distribution.

This systematic strategy is mainly on the basis of prevention and detection of potential food safety hazards rather than finished product audit.
The Critical Control Points (CCPs) are basically carried out to decrease / eliminate the risk of the identified hazards.

HACCP system is compulsory for the production of Juice and seafood regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also Meat production regulated by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). For other ranges of food production it is currently optional to perform HACCP program.

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