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Pesticide in Water Test Kit (487996) 2 Tests, 10 Minute Result

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Category: Water Testing

This pesticide test kit is unique in its method of detection by using an immunoassay (lateral flow) test strip. Designed to detect both the US EPA limit for Atrazine and Simazine. Pesticide Check is a cost-effective alternative to expensive laboratory testing.

  • 3 ppb (μg/L) for Atrazine
  • 4 ppb (μg/L) for Simazine
  • Result in 10 minutes

Check your water for pesticides which may have leached into the water source some place along the water's path to your drinking glass.

Pesticide in Water Test Kit

Pesticide contamination of ground water is a subject of national importance because ground water is used for drinking water by about 50 percent of the Nation's population. This especially concerns people living in the agricultural areas where pesticides are most often used, as about 95 percent of that population relies upon ground water for drinking water. Before the mid-1970s, it was thought that soil acted as a protective filter that stopped pesticides from reaching ground water. Studies have now shown that this is not the case. Pesticides can reach water-bearing aquifers below ground from applications onto crop fields, seepage of contaminated surface water, accidental spills and leaks, improper disposal, and even through injection waste material into wells.

agricultural water perc age

Percolation example for pesticides and fertilizers

Product 13 of 13
Category: Water Testing
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