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Surface Mount RadonAway Mitigation Fan 3" or 4" (SF180) Exterior

Model #: 28317

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RadonAway High Flow SF180 Radon Mitigation Fan for 3" or 4" pipe.

The RadonAway SF180 joins together the best features of our reliable radon mitigation fan lines with new, advanced technology and engineering in a rectangular fan package. Although the SF 180 is not the first rectangular fan on the market, it is the first one designed and engineered to meet the expressed needs of the radon professional. Whether it is the unique way in which we redirect condensation away from the motor, or the way we designed the intake and exhaust to allow the fan to be pipe-mounted and interchangeable, this fan revolutionizes the external radon fan.
  • Stay-white exterior
  • Water-hardened motors
  • Built-in moisture/condensate management
  • Seams sealed under negative pressure
  • Interchangeable with other fan models
  • Mountable on existing pipes
  • Set up for 4" PVC pipe out of the box
  • Mounting method inhibits vibration transfer
  • Designed to conceal electrical disconnect
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet operation (similar to our RP145)
Model P/N Fan Duct Diameter Watts Max Pressure "WC
SF180 28317 3" or 4" 53-71 2.1
Pipe Size Typical CFM vs. Static Pressure WC
  0" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"
Using 4" 149 127 96 61 -
Using 3" 119 101 77 49 -

Optional items:

  • Exterior Switch Kit 28328..
  • Offset fitting 13165.
  • 4" x 4" White Coupling 79040.
  • Analog 0 to 4.5" of Water Column, Easy Read Dynameter, Vacuum Gauge (50006-1) with Blue Gage Oil.
  • 4" Scedule 40 White Roof cap 76002.


* Our specially designed PVC offset coupling is for use when adapting the SF180 to 3" PVC The offset coupling must be used when adapting to 3" pipe to prevent excessive condensation build-up in the fan. The fitting is 4.5" in diameter and has a 3.5" diameter socket to accept 3" PVC . When installed properly, the coupling allows for condensation drainage from the bottom of the fan straight through to the PVC pipe.

diagram that shows adapting SF180 to 3 inch pipe

The offset can also be used on the discharge side of the fan to maintain the proper spacing allowing the installer to run the stack straight up out of the fan without the need for other fittings. The offset connects to the SF180 using standard 4 x 4 couplings. Use 4" x 4" couplings with 4" pipe and with 3" pipe when using the #13165. Additionally we suggest using the white coupling install kit #28036 to compliment the attractive install of the stay-white SF180.

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