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Bacteria in Water Test Kit; Great for Pools & Spas (2 tests)

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The PurPool™ Test is a revolutionary new method to test a swimming pool, spa or hot tub and get results on the spot - so that bathers can be prevented from swimming in contaminated water.

The test works on the strip immunoassay principle, similar to a home pregnancy test, and detects a wide range of bacteria including E.coli, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, and Salmonella.

The PurPool™ Test is not intended to replace culture-based methods, but it adds a preventive health management capability for spa, hot tub and pool operators and owners. Direct comparison of the PurPool™ Test with the Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) culture method confirmed a sensitivity of approximately 1000 CFU/ml. Notably, the PurPool™ Test is not affected by chlorine and other disinfectants at levels commonly found in pool water, so it can be used where culture methods are unreliable.

When it comes to safety, everything else is secondary. The same should be true in the pools and spas that we swim in and allow our children to swim in. The PurPool Bacteria Test for pools and spas is easy enough for anyone to use, and is priced within reach of any pool or spa owner and operator. Until now, the only method of testing for bacteria in a pool or spa was not feasible for most owners and operators. With the PurPool Bacteria Test for pools and spas, water quality/safety should never be left to chance. Until now, pool and spa operators who were concerned about their guests' health had only one option to guarantee the quality of the water in pools and spas: change the water. Without knowing if the water is good or bad, it was simply a shot in the dark. Changing water is a delicate balancing act- unnecessary changes cost money in lost water, heating, and chemicals, and changing too late can result in RWIs among bathers. Regular testing will help pinpoint when is the best time to change water, eliminating guesswork.

When to test for bacteria:
  • After treatment for a fecal accident
  • Weekly during regular maintenance
  • High bather load
  • Test spas daily
  • Prolonged rain or flooding

Each kit contains two tests for bacteria.

Product 13 of 13
Category: Water Testing
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